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These telephones now conform to the latest standards in relation to the positioning of Q and Z on the number keys. The Q appears on key number 7 and the Z appears on key number 9. Attach the stand using either pair of slots; to raise the back of the telephone to its highest position, use these slots. Once the above work is complete, plug the line cord back into its wall socket.

Also See for M Quick programming manual - 42 pages Quick reference manual - 8 pages System coordinator manual - pages. Most useful pages: More Mounting telephone on wall Telephone overview Setting up telephone Making and answering calls. Page of 7 Go. Enterprise Edge.

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Page 3: Telephone Overview Selecting a ring 1. Page 4: Page 5 These telephones now conform to the latest standards in relation to the positioning of Q and Z on the number keys. Redirecting Calls: The calls are presented with your user name so that they can be distinguished from calls for the extensions normal user. This allows you to share another person's phone without logging them off their phone. The calls are still subject to all your user settings as if they were ringing at your phone.

All calls are redirected. The system supports 3 different types of forward. The normal default is 15 seconds. Forwarding Calls However, if required internal calls and or group calls can also be selected. That number can be internal or external. However, if required internal calls can also be selected. However if required internal calls can also be selected. Forwarding is set is applied to those calls. Do Not Disturb The telephone system supports two types of twinning; internal twinning and mobile twinning.

Internal Twinning This method of twinning twins your phone your primary phone with another internal extension your secondary phone. Both phones are yours and share the same extension number. Your incoming calls will ring on both phones. You can make your calls from either extension. Phone Settings Use the number keys to select the required contrast.

Alternatively, use the contrast. The function will automatically cancel after a 3 seconds. This does not change the ring pattern which is controlled by the telephone system. Press 1 to 4 to select the required ringer sound. Button Programming The programmable buttons on your phone can be assigned a range of functions. You cannot override the function of buttons configured as appearance buttons for calls by your system administrator. Also your administrator can apply templates to your phone which set the function of specific buttons.

There are a number of methods that you can use for button programming: Button Programming: Button Inspection It does not affect the functions assigned to any buttons that do not have a default function. Press or press the Prog soft key. It can be an internal or an external number. It can be a partial number that you complete dialing after pressing the button.

It can also be a system short code 11 for a telephone system feature. Internal Auto Dial User Button This is not the full set of button functions available from the telephone system.

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The system administrator can assign other button functions and will inform you what those functions are if they do that. This is not a comprehensive list of all button functions available, it only covers those that can be set by telephone users. Each function is listed by the name shown when you use button inspection. Button Functions This is not always possible for calls that have been forwarded to an external number. The button's icon is shown while the function is switched on. While the ringer is off, the button's icon is shown.

Glossary By default this is the type of ring used when another call alerts you when you already have a call in connected. They are configured by your system administrator. Normally your first 2 buttons are call appearance buttons but additional buttons can be configured as appearance buttons by the system administrator. Do Not Disturb Exceptions This only applies for calls to you. It does not apply for calls to a group of which you are a member. Missed Group Call They can then also set which groups of which you are a member, should have their missed calls shown as part of your missed calls call log.

This does not require the group call to have been presented to you and missed. Performance figures and data quoted in this document are typical, and must be specifically confirmed in writing by Avaya before they become applicable to any particular order or contract. The company reserves the right to make alterations or amendments to the detailed specifications at its discretion.


The publication of information in this document does not imply freedom from patent or other protective rights of Avaya or others. Page 3 Contents 6. Page 4 Page 5 Chapter 1. Page 6 Page 7 Telephone Overview: Page 8 1. Page 9 Telephone Overview: Page 10 Administration Feature Codes The following feature codes are used to edit phone settings. Page 11 Telephone Overview: Page 13 Telephone Overview: Page 14 1. Page 15 Chapter 2. Page 16 2. Page 17 Making Calls: Page 18 2.

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Page 19 Making Calls: Page 20 2. Page 21 Chapter 3. Page 22 3. Page 23 Answering Calls: Page 24 Page 25 Chapter 4. Page 26 4. Page 27 Call Controls: Page 28 4. Page 29 Call Controls: Page 30 4. Page 31 Call Controls: Page 32 Page 33 Chapter 5. Page 34 5. Page 35 Conference Calls: Page 36 Page 37 Chapter 6. Page 38 6. Page 39 Directory: Page 40 6.

Page 41 Chapter 7. Page 42 7. Page 43 Call Log: Page 44 7. Page 45 Chapter 8. Page 46 8.

Page 47 Chapter 9. Page 48 9. Page 50 Page 51 Chapter Page 52 Page 53 Redirecting Calls: Page 54 Page 55 Redirecting Calls: Page 56 Page 57 Redirecting Calls: Page 58 Page 59 Redirecting Calls: Page 60 Page 61 Chapter Page 62 Page 63 Chapter Page 64 Page 65 Button Programming: Page 66 Page 67 Button Programming: Page 68 Page 69 Button Programming: Page 71 Button Programming: Page 72 Page 73 Chapter Page 74 Page 75 Glossary: Page 77 Glossary: Don't see a manual you are looking for?

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